Sparks of Connection- In Celebration of Fem Fabrication

Celebrating fem metal workers, the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center is highlighting those who wield their creativity through welding, plasma cutting, and fabrication to inspire greater diversity within the trades. As an industry that is traditionally male dominated, this exhibit explores the avenues through which women, transgender, and non-binary individuals ideate, collaborate, and find creative footing within these spaces. 

We are seeking fem fabricators to show alongside our featured artist, Heather Dawn Sparks, to create metal sculptures, wall works, and pedestal pieces to be shown in our indoor and outdoor gallery space. 

We are specifically looking for work that interacts with light or has a soft form element to it. However, we encourage all fem metal fabricators to apply for this call.

Please submit:

  • A proposal of your final sculpture that includes a picture or concept sketch (if items not yet constructed) 
  • Estimate of dimension 
  • Indicate indoors, outdoors, or could go in either
  • If using light, electrical needs (batteries would be preferred)

Strongly encourages:

  • Use of soft form with metals (ie fabric, fiber, paper, etc)
  • Interact with light (shadow play, internal light, etc)


  • Call Ends June 1st, 2024
  • Artist will be notified of selected works the week of June 15th, 2024
  • Exhibit Dates: September 20th- November 3rd, 2024. Installation: September 9th, 2024

Artwork must:

  • Be the artist or artist team's own original work
  • Have metal fabrication as main component
  • Be suitable for viewers of all ages

Timeline: Exhibit runs September 20th- November 3rd, 2024

  • Application Deadline: June 1st, 2024
  • Artists notified: June 15th, 2024
  • Art to arrive at PAFAC between August 27th- September 9th, 2024
  • Installation Dates: September 9th-18th
  • Opening Reception Hosted by the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center: September 20th, 5pm-7pm at PAFAC
  • De-installation: November 5th, 2024
  • Artwork must be reclaimed from PAFAC Gallery:  between November 5th- 12th, 2024 *unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time for special circumstances*

The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center seeks locally-produced artisan gift items for our sixth annual Wintertide Makers Market.

How it Works
  The Wintertide Makers Market connects shoppers with inspiring locally-made gifts in a peaceful natural setting. In addition to supporting Olympic Peninsula artists, this event is a key source of income for the nonprofit arts center.
  Entries will be accepted through August 9th, 2024.
  Participating artists are responsible for preparing and pricing their items (PAFAC will provide sticker barcodes as well, which artists must add to all inventory), setting up an attractive merchandise display in their assigned location in the gallery, and assisting with promotion of the market. Artists will also be expected to abide by inventory and restock scheduling times designated by PAFAC staff. PAFAC will promote and staff the market, manage all sales, and issue commission checks to participating artists.

  We will be offering in-person sales ONLY in 2024. This allows us to drastically simplify our inventory requirements – creating a substantial time savings for participating artists and ensuring a unique shopping experience for market visitors.
  With this emphasis on in-person sales, we plan to drive market traffic through a series of special events and promotions, including a PAFAC members' preview, extended evening shopping hours each Friday night, and of course our Wintertide Festival of Lights event.

  The Wintertide Makers Market is oriented towards holiday shoppers and includes a wide range of affordable artisan-made gifts. We hope to highlight the value of artist skill and handcrafted items, while also providing a selection of items for a rage of visitor budgets. 

We will welcome multiples such as prints, stickers, or mold-made pieces; however, all wares should feature the artist's own original designs. Suitable items include, but are not limited to: art prints, cards, seasonal ornaments, home decor items, wearables, small toys, books, body care goods, and more. See below for more examples.


  • Stickers of the artist's design
  • Artist prints on other materials (shirts, bags, decor)
  • Handmade soaps and candles
  • Art reproductions on cards, postcards, or prints
  • Books
  • Jewelry
  • Visual art, fiber art, ceramics, woodworking, glasswork, metalwork

Not allowed:

  • Food or consumable items
  • A manufactured item with less than 50% artist input or craft.


Please inquire if you have questions about the suitability of a particular item.

Pricing Tiers
  Our best-selling artisans include items at a range of price points for different budgets. We encourage artists to feature a few aspirational show pieces at higher prices alongside a selection of smaller and/or simpler designs in the $15-$40 price range. Please do not discount the prices on your time-consuming original work!

Sales & Commission Payments
All sales will run through the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, which takes a 40% commission on sales. Participating artists are encouraged to set retail prices accordingly. Commission checks for Makers Market sales will be mailed on or before December 23, 2024.

  The market is open to all artists and artisans residing in Clallam and Jefferson counties.


  • August 9 – Final Entry Deadline
  • August 16 – Final Notification Deadline
  • September 4,  5pm-7pm – Makers Market Info Session (strongly encouraged for all participants)
  • November 22-24 – Merchandise delivery & display setup
  • November 26 – VIP Market Preview (PAFAC members only)
  • November 29 - December 15 – Market open to the public
  • December 16-18 – Market takedown; artists retrieve unsold items
  • December 23 – Commission checks mailed on or before this date


PAFAC will be responsible for:

  • Promoting the market throughout the Port Angeles area & beyond
  • Providing print & digital promotional materials to participating artists & artisans
  • Providing security for all items throughout the event
  • Staffing the market & managing all sales & taxes
  • Tidying, re-merchandising, & replenishing items throughout the event
  • Promptly issuing commission checks to participating artists


Participating artists will be responsible for:

  • Following instructions carefully, including complying with safety requirements and market deadlines
  • Selecting and preparing merchandise for market, including providing PAFAC with an accurate inventory and marking each item with a price label and SKU barcode. 
  • Assisting with market promotion, including reaching out to the artist’s own contacts and sharing digital and/or print publicity materials
  • Delivering merchandise and setting up an attractive display prior to the market opening
  • Abiding by the scheduled set up, restock, and take down times established by PAFAC Staff.
  • Picking up unsold items promptly after the market closes


The Wonders of Port Angeles-- Public Art Call

Port Angeles is known as the ultimate wilderness basecamp, rich with cultural heritage and natural beauty where the mountains meet the sea. We invite artists to join us in creating works that celebrate The Wonders of Port Angeles. Designs should highlight our city’s cultural vibrancy, unparalleled beauty, or showcase well-known landmarks and hidden gems. Additionally, as the Uptown Arts District is tucked just below the Olympic Mountains at the leading edge of the Olympic National Park, we seek works that highlight our specific unique location.  

We are looking for proposals to create a mural that inspires those around and highlights the many elements in the Uptown Arts District. 

Key Elements:

Submitted works may be realistic or abstract in nature and we encourage feature elements such as: 

  • Bright and bold colors, reflecting the vibrant artistic mission of the Uptown Arts District.
  • Flora and fauna, symbolizing our city's harmony with nature.
  • Iconic locations, honoring the placemaking history of Port Angeles
  • Geometric and abstract shapes or Icon style imagery representing natural and vibrant cultural influences of our area. 

Color Palette: 

We seek artwork that aligns with or complements the palette of the Uptown Arts District as defined below. 

Artwork must:

  • Be the artist or artist team’s own original work
  • Be suitable for viewers of all ages

Terms & Conditions:

  • Artists are solely responsible for transportation of their work and must deliver/ship to the PAFAC arriving no later than January 20th, 2024
  • All artwork must arrive "ready to hang/display". 
  • Final location and installation details will be determined by the Gallery & Program Director, whose decisions are final. Artwork that differs substantially from submitted image(s) or project proposals may not be installed.
  • Selected pieces must stay at the gallery for the duration of the show.
  • PAFAC charges a 40% commission on all sales made through the PAFAC.
  • Artists will hold harmless the PAFAC and the City of Port Angeles from any claim of damage or loss of artworks from any cause whatsoever, during the period the work is displayed.
  • Any images submitted or photographs taken of the artwork may be used by PAFAC and the Olympic Peninsula Art Association to promote or advertise the exhibit.
  • Art work unclaimed at the end of the show between the dates of March 24th by 5pm - April 30th, 2024  will become the property of the PAFAC unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time. 


May 13- Call for art opens

May 31- Updated design provide by artist

June 7- Arts Committee and partners will either approve or request additional design edits.

June 21- Updated design received if needed

July 1- 12- Mural Installation

July 20- Mural Launch Party (artist encouraged to attend)

Port Angeles Fine Arts Center